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IAEA Near Iran Inspection Deal but will US Insist on End to Enrichment?

Gareth Porter: If US demands Iran give up its right to enrich for peaceful purposes, no real agreement is possible

‘World to be dominated by China-US connection’

China’s rampant economic growth and political influence continues raising numerous questions about the outcomes of this growth. China expert and author John Naisbitt told RT that the world is soon to be dominated by US-China relations. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook

May 1st and an Independent Workers Movement

Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin: Occupiers and union activists should build class organizations that challenge for power More news stories at

CrossTalk: Sudan vs Sudan

Will there be any legal international solution to the current crisis in Sudan? What role does China play in the Sudan conflict? Who else has its eyes on this oil-rich country? And did the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement really encourage peace? CrossTalking with Olivia Warham, Wolf-Christian Paes and Ayo Johnson on April 27. RT on [...]

100000+ on Tahrir: ‘US funds military dictatorship in Egypt’

In Egypt, up to a hundred thousand demonstrators have again engulfed Cairo’s Tahrir Square to protest against the ruling military council. The rally involves supporters from opposite ends of the political spectrum, with secular activists rubbing shoulders with Islamists – joined in a common cause. For more on this, and the wider picture in Egypt, [...]

Norman Solomon on Why Fight for a Seat in Congress

Norman Solomon: Progressives should build a movement and contend for political power

CrossTalk: China’s Century

According to a recent IMF report, China’s economy is projected to top the US economy by 2016.How realistic is that? Is China’s rapid growth engine slowing? Can the US ignore China as a growing power and economic force? How much of a threat does it represent to the West? CrossTalking with Ilan Alon, Martin Hennecke [...]

Iraq Nine Years Later: Poverty and Violence Continue

Sahar Issa: In spite of growing oil revenues most Iraqis live without water, power and housing

Hack’n'Leak: Assad emails ‘exposed’

The Syrian President remains in power, a year since protest against his rule and violence gripped the country. And according to leaked emails – allegedly from his account – Bashar Al-Assad is under Iranian guidance, and ridicules his own reforms. But as RT’s Laura Smith reports, there’s considerable doubt about the credibility of the claims, [...]

‘Run for your life’: Finding refuge from revolution

Signs of nationwide unrest are still clearly visible in Kyrgyzstan. This Central Asian country saw two bloody revolutions in less than a decade, with some lauding them as the march of democracy. All that amid claims politicians were manipulating people to grab power. RT’s Oksana Boyko travelled to the region to learn the lessons of [...]

Obama at AIPAC

Jim Lobe: There are serious strategic differences between US and Israel, but they share the aim of weakening Iran as a regional power

‘Iran is already a nuclear power’

The US and Britain are warning Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities… saying new sanctions need time to work. Tehran, currently being visited by UN inspectors, denies accusations it’s developing atomic weapons. But Israel — which also accuses Tehran of attacking its diplomats abroad — could now be on an unstoppable path to a [...]

Activists Challenge COP17 Climate Talks

Environmentalists chant “Down With Canada” as expectations are low for COP17 climate talks

IAEA Iran Report Fit Facts to Strengthen Hardliners

Robert Kelley Pt2: The report misleads and manipulates facts in attempt to prove a forgone conclusion Pt1 at

US Sends Troops to Uganda – Is it About the Oil?

Firoze Manji: US sends 100 troops to support Uganda’s fight against LRA

Afghan Energy Wars

Antonia Juhasz: From oil production to pipelines, energy is a major factor why the US won’t leave Afghanistan anytime soon