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‘NATO uses Serbia’s power vacuum to establish new reality in Kosovo’

At least six people have been wounded in Northern Kosovo, in clashes between Serb protesters and peacekeepers. NATO-run troops fired tear gas and rubber bullets while attempting to dismantle roadblocks put up by the local Serbs. RT discusses the developments with political analyst Alexander Pavic from Belgrade. Subscribe to RT! Watch RT LIVE on [...]

‘Assad & rebels both to blame for Houla massacre’

Kofi Annan’s peace plan faces a severe test – as the man behind the initiative arrives in Syria just days after one of the bloodiest episodes in the uprising’s history. Having met in Moscow, the foreign ministers of Britain and Russia say they’re committed as ever to the plan – albeit with glaring differences. RT’s [...]

Turkey ups Iran oil imports despite sanctions

Turkey has sharply increased its oil imports from Iran. According to Turkey’s Statistical Institute, the country imported well over a million tons of Iranian crude this March – the highest monthly purchase since last July. However, new US sanctions are now harming relations between Ankara and Tehran. RT talks to political analyst Chris Bambery from [...]

Choice for French? Radicals surge on voter misery

French voters are beginning the process of choosing their next president. There are 10 candidates in the running, including incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy and his main rival socialist Francois Hollande. The main concern though is turnout will be low, amid discontent over a struggling economy and record unemployment. RT gets the full picture from Tesa Arcilla [...]

‘Euro-dollar failing, BRICS seek more say in IMF’

With the EU’s future shrouded in uncertainty, the IMF chief has set a goal to protect the world from Europe. Christine Lagarde wants to erect a 400 billion dollar financial wall around the bloc. The plan however is short 80 billion dollars, with hopes that the fast growing countries known as the BRICS group will [...]

Keep Out the Grass: ‘Israel behaving like Iran’

A prominent German writer and Nobel Prize-winner Gunter Grass has been declared persona non grata by Israel – following harsh criticism for his new poem published last week. In his latest work Germany’s most famous living author accused Israel of endangering world peace in its standoff with Iran – his work was condemned at home [...]

‘Want gas? Stop wars! UK fuel panic orchestrated by NWO’

There is panic at the petrol pumps in Britain, ahead of a possible tanker driver strike. Some stations have already run dry after a government minister suggested people should fill their tanks and stock up with fuel cans. RT discusses the topic with political analyst Peter Eyre who’s in Birmingham in the UK. RT on [...]

‘UN now a war-making organization’

Iran is at the top of the agenda at the UN Security Council meeting underway in New York right now. Strong statements have been made by the US, accusing Iran of supplying weapons to Syria. But Russia has criticized the US sanctions, calling them unilateral. For more on this, RT talks to American lawyer and [...]

Fukushima Scar : 1 year since Japan’s worst quake/tsunami tragedy

Japan marks one year since a devastating earthquake and tsunami killed over nineteen thousand people, devastating an entire nation. A minute’s silence has been observed at the exact moment the quake hit last March. The tsunami turned whole neighborhoods into debris leaving hundreds of thousands homeless. It also triggered the worst nuclear crisis in a [...]

Good Guns, Bad Guns? US arms in reach of Syria rebels

The US is setting up an international coalition aimed at supporting rebels in their struggle. The so-called “Friends of Democratic Syria” will involve countries willing to prop up the opposition, and pile more pressure on the regime. Direct military action is ruled out, but reports suggest British and Qatari special forces are already in the [...]

Drug of Choice: 400 million daily dose for coffee nation

In the US, when the economy needs a fix, so do the people. The country is now the world’s largest consumer of coffee. And this addiction to caffeine is being exploited by some unscrupulous producers who’re looking to boost their profit. RT’s Marina Portnaya reports. RT on Twitter RT on Facebook