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Watch: How the 2nd Amendment Helped in Texas Church Shooting

The 2nd amendment of the Constitution played a big roll in stopping more killing in Texas. The neighbor with the gun that came out and exchanged fire with the suspect and hit him fatally.  From what we know about the shooter he was there to kill his in-laws. They were not at the church, he was likely leaving to head to the next location that he thought his original targets would be.



Would you have helped chase this crazy individual down?


Watch: Air Force Error Caused Terror In Texas

The day after a gunman massacred innocent churchgoers in a Texas church, the U.S Air Force admitted that it had failed to enter the man’s domestic violence court-martial into a federal database that should have stopped him from passing a background check and buying the rifle he used to slaughter 26 people.

The conviction of the gunman, Devin P. Kelley, for domestic assault on his wife and infant stepson — he had cracked the child’s skull — should have stopped Mr. Kelley from legally purchasing the military-style rifle and three other guns he bought in the last four years. But that information was never entered by the Air Force into the federal database for background checks on gun purchasers, the service said. With his background that makes us believe that he would have found a way to harm those he wanted to kill either way.

Our question is how is more gun control supposed to fix the issue when they are not even using the reporting and laws we currently have?


Trump Calls Bergdahl’s Sentence a ‘Disgrace’




Bowe Bergdahl, who walked off his Army base in Afghanistan in 2009 was ordered by a military judge on Friday to be dishonorably discharged from the Army. Despite prosecutors seeking 14 years in a military prison, Bergdahl, received no prison time for desertion or endangering troops.

Col. Jeffery R. Nance of the Army, the military judge, also reduced Sergeant Bergdahl’s rank to private which required him to forfeit $1,000 a month of his pay for 10 months.

Do you feel justice was served?