7 home remedies to treat jock itch

In the coming days, your skin may become dry and itchy as a result of the winter chill. However, if you’re experiencing intense itchiness and irritation in your inner thigh or groin, it may be a jock itch. If you’re coming across this term for the first time, let us explain what is it. A jock itch is a type of fungal infection like a diaper rash, athlete’s foot, and oral thrush. But since they frequently appear in the genital region, inner thighs, or buttocks, it can be extremely unpleasant. Fortunately, getting rid of it is easy!

Arthi Raguram, a skincare expert (natural and organic skincare products), spoke to Health Shots about how you can treat jock itch at home with the help of natural remedies.

Raguram says, “Jock itch is a fungal infection that usually occurs in areas such as the groin, and inner thighs. It is commonly found among men, but women can also get a jock itch. In women, a jock itch can affect the skin around the groin, inner thighs, and butt crack. It rarely affects the vulva (genitals). Though it does not harm the genitals, having a burning sensation in such private parts can be quite discomforting. Therefore, treating it on time is important.”

jock itch
Women must take special care about jock itch treatment. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

What causes jock itch?

  • It can be triggered by a certain type of fungus that may grow due to friction between the thighs.
  • Sometimes, too much sweating or warmth in the groin area can cause a jock itch.
  • Wearing tight synthetic clothes or sharing towels or clothes with others can also be responsible for the occurrence of a jock itch.
  • People involved with heavy physical movements like running, and jogging are more likely to develop this fungal skin infection as the sweat gets trapped between the skin and the clothes.
  • Using the wrong skin care products such as anti-itch cream is not right for your skin type or problem.

Here are 5 natural remedies to get rid of jock itch:

1. Garlic

Garlic is a powerful ingredient to effectively treat jock itch. It contains allicin, which is known to prevent bacterial infection, which is the primary reason for a jock itch. Just crush a few garlic cloves and mix with coconut or olive oil. For added benefit, you can also heat up the oil for a bit. Apply this mixture to the affected area with a cotton ball and leave for 20 minutes. Using a soft cotton cloth, wipe off the area. Follow this method every day for the best results.

jock itch
Garlic is packed with several benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is known to soothe irritated skin. It has antibacterial and inflammatory properties, which not only help to keep bacteria at bay but also calm down skin irritation or any burning sensation. Scrape out some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it to the areas. You can also dilute the aloe vera gel with plain water. Keep the gel on for 10 minutes and wash it off with cool water. You can apply aloe vera gel twice a day.

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3. Honey

Honey works for everything, including treating fungal infections. Honey can battle germs and stop them from spreading since it is antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial. Apply the honey to the affected skin area daily, letting it sit there for at least an hour. After that, rinse it. Repeat this for a week to get the best results.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is loaded with anti-fungal properties that fight against the fungi that cause jock itch. It is an excellent natural remedy to cure jock itch, and it also aids in healing damaged skin. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of water, and with a cotton swab, rub the areas with this concoction. You can wrap the area with gauze or a bandage for quick results.

jock itch
Apple Cider Vinegar can have many health benefits. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Neem leaves

When it comes to skin problems, everyone is aware of the advantages of neem leaves. Neem leaves can be used to treat fungal diseases such as jock itch because they have antifungal and antibacterial qualities that are very good for the skin. Additionally, it contains therapeutic qualities that help calm irritated, delicate skin. To prepare neem leaves the water, boil a few leaves in water for 4-5 minutes. Apply the decoction to the affected area using a cotton swab dipped in the mixture.

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6. Turmeric

Turmeric is a popular anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal spice that has been used for ages to repair damaged skin. It effectively treats skin conditions like jock itch, as it soothes the irritated area and also prevents the growth of any further fungi. Mix a pinch of turmeric with honey or water and apply the paste. Leave it for 10–15 minutes, then wash it off with cold water. You can use this method every day.

jock itch
Turmeric is a powerhouse spice, and skin’s favourite. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

7. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a potent herb oil that is extremely effective in treating jock itch. The antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties successfully help get rid of jock itch. It protects the skin from future infection as well. In a bowl of warm water, mix a few drops of tea tree oil. With a cotton ball, apply the mixture to the affected areas and leave it until it dries.

These simple natural remedies will cure jock itch in just a few days. So, make sure to follow these methods if you are suffering from a jock itch.

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