After the Chargers-Jets game, Aaron Rodgers said to Derwin James, “Give me a few weeks.”

The events of last evening unveiled a narrative where Aaron Rodgers’ pre-game actions eclipsed any intrigue generated by New York’s offensive performance in the ensuing match. Furthermore, post-game proceedings brought forth another riveting chapter.

ESPN’s microphones adeptly captured a pivotal exchange between Derwin James, the Chargers’ tenacious defensive back, and Rodgers. Inquisitively, James posed the question, “When can we anticipate your return?”

In response, Said Rodgers: “Give me a few weeks.”

Remarkably, this declaration comes in the wake of an injury sustained precisely eight weeks and one day ago. The mere prospect of his imminent return in a matter of weeks is indeed a spectacle to behold.

Even if, as some conjecture, Rodgers did not endure a complete Achilles tendon tear but rather a partial one, the celerity of his recovery remains a remarkable feat.

This development aligns with insights mentioned towards the conclusion of Monday’s episode of PFT Live, where it was underscored that a well-informed source believes Rodgers intends to resume practice “within a couple of weeks.”

However, one must acknowledge the unpredictable nature of Rodgers’ stance, as he often ignites controversy and then hastily withdraws, subsequently lamenting the media explosion that ensues. This enigmatic behavior may find further elucidation during his upcoming appearance on Tuesday with Pat McAfee.

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