Elevator Game: A Thrilling Descent into the Unknown

In the world of internet challenges and viral videos, there’s one phenomenon that stands out – the Elevator Game. This mysterious and eerie journey claims to transport participants to another dimension, but it also warns of a sinister entity known as the Fifth Floor Woman. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the intriguing narrative of the Elevator Game, exploring the characters, their decisions, and the supernatural events that unfold within the confines of a seemingly ordinary elevator.

The Curious Initiation:

Our story begins with a teenager named Becky, who embarks on a risky adventure inside a hotel elevator. Armed with her smartphone camera, she intends to play the Elevator Game, a challenge that promises to reveal otherworldly dimensions. However, this journey comes with its own set of rules and risks, including a confrontation with the enigmatic Fifth Floor Woman.

Becky, like many before her, follows the game’s instructions, moving through various floors in a specific sequence. As she nears the climax of the game, the lights flicker, and unease sets in. The fifth floor, a critical stage in the sequence, requires participants to keep their eyes shut. Becky, unfortunately, breaks this rule at the last moment, setting in motion a series of chilling events.

The Unfolding Mystery:

As the elevator descends, a menacing figure appears behind Becky, and the elevator takes an unexpected turn, leading her to an unfamiliar place. When the elevator finally returns to the ground floor, Becky has vanished without a trace. This intriguing setup promises a tantalizing exploration of the Elevator Game’s secrets.

Enter a group of aspiring YouTubers who specialize in playing terrifying games in eerie locations. Their channel, on the verge of collapse, seeks a boost by taking on the infamous Elevator Game, this time in the very building where Becky disappeared. The characters are far from endearing, with zero creativity and questionable decision-making abilities. Their adventures in haunted locations, like a slaughterhouse bathroom and a room full of kids with deadly bee allergies, set the stage for the unfolding drama.

The Challenge and Its Consequences:

The group sets out to play the Elevator Game, and as expected, their camera equipment experiences glitches as they approach the mysterious fifth floor. While it’s their primary mission to capture the supernatural on camera, the group takes an excruciatingly long time to recognize the paranormal activity occurring around them. Tensions rise as they reach the critical fifth floor, and one member, Kris, contemplates breaking the rules. Their hesitation and fear create a palpable atmosphere of suspense.

Matty manages to prevent Kris from opening his eyes, allowing them to complete the fifth-floor challenge. However, when they reach the lobby, they discover that half of the game wasn’t recorded due to camera malfunctions. Chloe hears a haunting melody emanating from the elevator, yet this gruesome revelation fails to pique the group’s curiosity. The characters’ reluctance to re-record their experience is frustrating, given their channel’s dependence on its success.

A Troubling Revelation:

The arrival of a newcomer, Ryan, brings a twist to the story. Ryan, harboring ulterior motives, suggests the Elevator Game in the building where Becky vanished. The group assembles swiftly, and they delve into the game’s rules and backstory, discovering that the Fifth Floor Woman resides in her own dimension called the Red World. The rules are clear: do not open your eyes on the fifth floor, do not turn around, and do not speak to the Fifth Floor Woman, or dire consequences will follow.

Despite the growing tension and skepticism, the group proceeds with the game. As they journey through the elevator’s floors, they experience eerie phenomena, with the lights flickering and their equipment malfunctioning. Kris, driven by curiosity and defiance, plans to break the game’s rules, setting the stage for potential disaster.

A Grim Turn of Events:

The group continues their harrowing journey, but an unexpected interruption on the ninth floor derails their game. The elevator’s progress is halted by an outsider, effectively ending the challenge prematurely. The group’s frustration and disappointment mount as they return to the lobby.

Ryan’s true motives are unveiled, causing tension within the group. The revelation that Becky was not just a random participant but Ryan’s sister adds a layer of complexity to their dynamics. As mistrust and anger brew among the group members, they make the decision to abandon their pursuit, despite the looming threat.

A Mysterious and Vengeful Entity:

The Fifth Floor Woman is not finished with the group. Chloe begins to hear the haunting melody from her apartment building’s elevator, while Kris is inexplicably barred from rejoining the game. These unexplained developments contribute to the sense of dread and foreboding.

Ryan, fueled by a desire to uncover the truth about his missing sister, returns to the building to play the Elevator Game himself. However, his journey is fraught with fear and uncertainty. The story takes a chilling turn as Ryan confronts the unknown and steps into the Red World, an alternate version of Los Angeles marked by an eerie neon X in the sky.

A Game of Survival:

As Ryan ventures further into the Red World, he encounters a mysterious figure that he hopes is Becky. However, the situation takes a nightmarish turn as he is pursued by this enigmatic presence, leading to a heart-pounding pursuit back to the tenth floor of the building.

The story’s suspense intensifies as Ryan navigates the surreal Red World and finds a camera that may hold clues to Izzy’s fate. He attempts to contact Chloe, warning her of the game’s reality and the danger that she and her friends face. However, the chilling truth may be even more terrifying than they initially believed.

A Descent into Darkness:

The group members, now reduced to a trio, grapple with their dire situation. They attempt to decipher the Elevator Song, a nursery rhyme connected to the game, in the hope of finding a way out. Their desperate efforts reveal that the game is not over until they re-enter the elevator and return to the ground floor.

As they make a fateful decision to replay the game, the Fifth Floor Woman’s presence looms ever closer. She steps to the salt circle, testing its boundaries, and the tension mounts. The story reaches its climax as the characters confront the malevolent entity.

A Complex and Inconsistent World:

The Elevator Game presents a compelling and suspenseful narrative that explores the consequences of dabbling in the supernatural. However, it falls short in creating fully developed characters and maintaining consistent rules within its supernatural world. The characters’ decisions often leave much to be desired, and the story’s inconsistency can be frustrating for viewers.


In the world of online challenges and supernatural mysteries, the Elevator Game offers a thrilling and chilling experience. It delves into the consequences of playing with the unknown, while its characters grapple with their choices and confront a sinister entity. While the story is gripping, it could benefit from more well-rounded characters and a more coherent set of rules within its supernatural universe. As the characters descend deeper into darkness, the Elevator Game takes its viewers on a suspenseful and haunting journey into the unknown.

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