Just Stop Oil descend on Whitehall and Downing Street only to be swiftly moved on by police

October 1 – Activists occupied Waterloo, Westminster, Lambeth and Vauxhall bridges, causing gridlock on busy roads, before converging on Parliament.

October 2 – Hundred of protesters occupied London bridges as they brought the capital to a standstill for a second day, with 31 people arrested. 

October 3 –  Monday saw a much quieter day with no major demonstrations but Just Stop Oil released a statement in which it declared Westminster ‘a site of nonviolent civil resistance until the government commits to end new oil and gas’. 

October 4 –  54 eco-activists were arrested, including many who had ‘glued themselves to the ground’ during a demonstration to block traffic into Parliament Square.

October 5 –  28 protesters were arrested when they blocked and glued themselves to the road to Lambeth Bridge and another close to Parliament.

October 6 – Protesters blocked roads in Trafalgar Square, with 32 demonstrators sitting down and gluing themselves to the tarmac before being removed and arrested for wilful obstruction of the highway.

October 7 –   25 demonstrators blocked routes to the north and south of Vauxhall Bridge, sitting down with banners and glueing themselves to the roads.

October 8 –  Around 40 supporters established roadblocks on three roads adjacent to the A501, resulting in severe disruption on Marylebone Road, Edgware Road, Gloucester Place and Station Approach. An angry motorist ripped banners from activists’ hands, telling them to ‘leave the road’.  

October 9  – Furious motorists dragged protesters from the roads as they stopped traffic again, resulting in 45 arrests at Piccadilly Circus. One man was filmed clambering on top of a police van and glued himself down to it by the hand.

October 10 –  25 eco-zealots arrested after gluing themselves to each other and roads close to Buckingham Palace, sparking anger from motorists who told them to ‘get a job’.

October 11 –  An irate van driver forced his vehicle through a wall of protesters in Knightsbridge as fed-up motorists ripped down banners and dragged activists off the road by hand.

October 12 – 27 people were arrested for public order offences after eco-warriors blocked the roads around Parliament Square.

October 13 –  Frustrations boiled during a furious bust-up between drivers and activists after they blocked routes around St George’s Circus in Southwark, which is located between Lambeth North and Elephant and Castle Underground stations. One frustrated woman asked the group: ‘I have a disabled child who needs to go to school, why are you doing this to people?’

October 14 – Two activists arrested for throwing soup at Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in the National Gallery. Anna Holland, 20, Phoebe Plummer, 21, threw two tins of Heinz tomato soup over the £76m painting before gluing themselves to a wall inside the gallery.

October 15 –  Furious drivers dragged protesters out of the road and begged them to move as they blocked Shoreditch High Street – stopping a fire truck from getting through. At least 26 people were arrested after police arrived to unglue and remove protestors.

October 16 –  Activists sprayed paint over an Aston Martin showroom as they blocked off Park Lane. A furious cab driver hauled  protesters out the way as a fellow motorist shouted: ‘People have got f****** work to go to’ while another added ‘people are trying to go to hospital’.

October 17 –  Just Stop Oil was responsible for the QE2 Bridge at Dartford on the M25 being closed all day after two activists ascended 275ft masts. Morgan Trowland, 39, and Marcus Carambola, 33, scaled the bridge linking Essex to Kent, forcing police to stop traffic.

October 18 –  The two protesters who were suspended from the QE2 bridge were removed and arrested by police. The crossing finally reopened after 36 hours as the two men agreed to co-operate with officers and come down. The same day, a motorist yelled at officers for doing nothing as Just Stop Oil ‘idiots waste my time’ as they blocked the A4 into London during rush hour.

October 19 – Another roadblock was in place the next morning, resulting in 25 arrests after traffic was stopped on one of London’s busiest road, the A4 Cromwell Road outside the Natural History Museum.

October 20 –  Activists splattered Harrods in paint before blocking all traffic outside the Knightsbridge store. Some 20 supporters of the group glued themselves to Brompton Road, directly outside Harrods, with some using locks to attach themselves together.

October 21 –  A frustrated black cab driver told the activists to ‘get a job’ during disruption, before police intervened and made 16 arrests near Holborn.

October 22 – Roughly 20 activists walked into the road in north London and stopped traffic at Upper Street and Islington Green. Some glued themselves onto the tarmac and others used lock-ons. Police arrested 17 protesters for wilful obstruction of the highway.

October 23 – Four protesters were arrested the following day after blocking the iconic Abbey Road crossing in north west London.

October 24 –  Police arrested a group of protesters after they threw chocolate cake in the face of a waxwork of King Charles III at Madame Tussauds.

October 25 –  Activists sprayed orange paint over the front door of 55 Tufton Street, a building associated with climate change sceptics and Brexit-backing think-tanks.

October 26 –  Eco zealots blocked Piccadilly by sitting in the road with banners while three had glued themselves to the tarmac, prompting angry clashes with motorists. Hours earlier, two climate activists were arrested for criminal damage after spraying paint on luxury car showrooms in Berkeley Square. 

October 27 – Activists sat on the road on Cannon Street, Queen Victoria Street and Garlick Hill in the City of London to demand the government end all new licences for oil and gas production.

October 28 –  Two protesters were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage after spraying orange paint over the premises of Rolex in Knightsbridge.

October 29 –  Fed-up commuters pleaded with ‘pathetic’ activists to put an end to the chaos after 61 protesters marched through Charing Cross Road, Kensington High Street, Kennington Road and Blackfriars Road with banners, blocking traffic in both directions. 

October 30 – Drivers angrily remonstrated with activists sat in the middle of Commercial Street and Hanbury Street in east London, trying to pull them out of the way as one woman shouted that she had a sick child in her car before police arrived at the scene.

October 31 –  Six eco activists were arrested for dousing paint from fire extinguishers on the Home Office, the MI5 building, the Bank of England and the headquarters of News Corp at London Bridge.

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