These are the times that try men’s souls.

As I watched the Kid Rock video that officially kicked off his run for the Senate I found myself cheering his bold attack on various issues. Boldness and direct talk are effective as, President Trump, has proven. As the video continued I felt differently but thought, a few expletives are understandable. By the end I was stunned. That is not easy to do today but I was speechless as he spoke of clinging to his genitalia while occupying the White House and other, some may say pornographic, actions. It was then that I started to turn off to the idea of a Senator Rock. I was not completely sure why though so I thought about it. Was it the vulgarity? The disrespect [I perceived] for the highest office in this greatest nation? No…it was deeper than that.

After texting random thoughts back and forth with a good friend [for over three hours] I came to a conclusion. It was not the vulgarity, you should hear me watching football or hockey. It may have been a little of the disrespect for the Presidency, but I value First Amendment rights, so not so much that either.


What really bothered me was the hypocrisy and fear I had for what I was envisioning our electoral system becoming. His, Rock’s, performance reminded me of a demented X-rated version of American Idol. Is this what we want? I am tired of “politicians” too, but do I want celebrities starting to overrun the process? The hypocrisy lies in that Republicans [and myself] have railed on about “who cares” what a celebrity thinks and NY and Hollywood are NOT America and on and on. Now here is a celebrity generating fervor with feigned attempts at general policy ideas but mostly by whipping up emotions and hoping America doesn’t Simon Cowell his ass off the stage.

I was not sure I was liking these revelations but they got worse, or better depending on your perspective. As my friend and I continued our texting marathon we began to connect dots and see the correlation if not actual cause/effect relationships. This aggressive expression of ideology, as devoid as it may or may not be, serves only one purpose, to enrage. The left and groups like ANTIFA and BLM have mastered the skill but not by accident, yet another revelation forming in our discussion.

Why the need to destroy statuary, structures, and symbols if your true motivation is safety concerns or violence against you [or your group]? If free speech really matters and you “protect” rights, how does stopping and even assaulting counter views productive or consistent? These are of course, rhetorical, as they have no true legitimate answers but what they do is expand the idea our text conversation was leading to. This is bigger than just now. But how big?

Consider, ANTIFA, BLM and any other fringe group including the KKK and anything within the spectrum serve a higher purpose. While opposite as night and day, could they be working toward a common end? Known only by a few top people, this agenda serves to destroy all to impose the new world order or globalization under totalitarian control. Reaching? Possibly, but this is something bigger than now as we stated. This is an idea and ideas cannot be so easily killed or disposed of, especially when the end is more significant than the individual. People will sacrifice themselves and others without hesitation to further the cause and with a clear understanding they may never see the end product or goal but they had a part. Much like the religious fervor of jihadists, this hatred of freedom and liberty must be destroyed at all costs.