Poha benefits: Know why it is a better breakfast option than rice

Poha aka chivda has been the go-to food for breakfast in most parts of India. It provides that perfect and energetic kickstart to the day. Not only is it simple and quick to make, but it is also a light food, rich in iron and carbohydrates and has low glycemic index. Whereas, rice is loaded with simple carbohydrates that have been linked with insulin fluctuations, lethargy, and unhealthy weight gain. So, you can simply swap your daily rice meal with poha for those healthy, perfect mornings.

Health shots got in touch with nutritionist Avni Kaul to understand why poha is better than rice.

Why should you switch to poha for breakfast?

Nutritionist Avni Kaul states several reasons why poha is better than rice in many ways.

Benefits of poha
Health benefits of starting your day with Poha. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

1. Loaded with carbohydrates

Considered one of the best breakfast food, poha is packed with 70 per cent healthy carbohydrates and 30 per cent fat. So, if you are looking for healthy foods to provide you with that much-needed fuel for the entire day, then poha is for you! Whereas, consuming rice for breakfast tends to make one feel sleepy the entire day, thus impacting the productivity levels of the person.

2. Rich source of iron

The sun-dried poha undergoes a flattening process where it goes through iron rollers. Hence, it is known to be high in iron content as it retains some of the iron during the flattening process. So, people who are prone to getting gestational anaemia like pregnant women are generally suggested to consume poha. A dash of lemon juice on your daily breakfast bowl of poha makes it rich in vitamin C which is needed for the proper absorption of iron.

3. Low in calories

One bowl of cooked poha made using vegetables has a calorie content of around 250 calories, while a similar quantity of fried rice has a high-calorie content of nearly 333 calories. Needless to say, poha is a pretty good meal that keeps one fuller for longer. Some people also like to add fried peanuts to give a boost to the taste, but it should be kept in mind that adding peanuts will also boost the calorie count of poha. So, the people who are on a weight loss diet should best keep away from adding peanuts topoha.

4. Easy to digest

Rice is a heavier food that cannot be eaten the entire day. However, poha is easy on the gut and can be eaten at breakfast and even as an evening snack. Since it is lightweight, it does not cause bloating, so you can take it whenever you experience hunger pangs. Chop some vegetables, add some salt, and one tbsp of mustard oil and add it to one bowl of soft Poha, and you are good to go.

digestion problems
Poha is good for digestion. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Probiotic in nature

Poha has some probiotic qualities as well. During its manufacturing, it is subjected to fermentation. Poha retains the good bacteria that result from the metabolism of proteins and those are known to keep the gut healthy. White rice does not offer these benefits.

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