Top 7 sizzling sex secrets to Spice Up Your Sex Life

1. A lip-smacking kiss: By alternating the movement of your tongue between a swirling action and a poking action, amazing sensations are created.

2. Perfectly sexy pinching: Slowly introduce a pinching sensation and she may start to feel incredibly aroused.

3. The ���Naughty Dog��� Kiss: This kiss is perfect for stimulating her by using it on different parts of her body. What you need to do is allow your tongue to relax.

4. The Roman Bath: Ask her to share a bath with you. Add some aromatherapy oil and slip in first.

5. Buff him up: Tell him you want to enhance his sense of touch and offer to exfoliate his chest and neck area.

6. Turn it into an SEP - Simple Erotic Pleasure: Take the exfoliating scrub, rub it between your fingertips and then gently circle the skin on his chest and neck area with it. Whenever you kiss these areas during foreplay it will feel far more sensitive to him.

7. Footie Heaven: Men have incredibly sensitive feet. And by stimulating different points on his feet you'll send pulses of pleasure up through his body.

8. Inner Wrist Magic: While you're kissing him is to begin stroking his inner wrist. This is an incredible erogenous zone that's definitely neglected in men.

9. The pearl necklace technique: Get out an old beaded necklace - a fake pearl one is ideal. Touch his moan zones with your hands and with lashings of lubricant start moving them up and down.

10. Blindfolded lust: Put blindfolds on each other at some point during foreplay. Once blindfolded you'll be amazed at how quickly your skin comes to life as you are touched, and as you touch your lover.